Programs for teachers

Move, see, discuss.

K3 is the centre of excellence for contemporary dance and choreography. For years we have worked closely with schools to set teachers and students in motion. Dance is not only "beautiful to look at" – seeing dance and doing it yourself also provides intensive exploration and contemplation of values and one's own self-image. It also promotes body and group awareness and facilitates the learning of aesthetic means specific to dance. In combination with curriculum-related topics such as human anatomy, laws of physics, gender roles or the handling of feelings, dance provides a way to directly and physically access the experience of one's own body and anchor that knowledge in the mind and body.

Our special programmes for teachers provide both a complex introduction to and expansion of prior knowledge of theatre, as well as beyond the genre itself.

Seeing dance - explore dance
In this project, dance pieces for a young audience are created in close cooperation with the target group.

Making dance - K3 dance clubs, TUSCH, movement researchers
Students can get moving with us in various formats.

Reflecting Dance - Advanced Training Series for Teachers & Round Tables
Workshops for teachers teach artistic practices, dance techniques and feedback methods to integrate contemporary dance into the classroom.

Exclusively for educators, we will be sending out a newsletter especially for Young K3 at what will initially be sporadic intervals. This newsletter will inform you about all the latest news and also of course have some exclusive offers in store. In addition to upcoming K3 events for teachers or potential rehearsal visits for the young target audience, we will also be recommended a number of useful materials.

Our productions for young audiences are always developed in close cooperation with schools and offer students the opportunity to accompany and experience the development of pieces first hand in the form of workshops or visits to rehearsals. The PopUp piece format even provides the opportunity to have a dance production created directly at your school or to show it there in the form of Dance in the Classroom.

All productions we present in the frist half of the season 2021/2022 can be found here.

Above and beyond explore dance, K3 also welcomes inquiries by school groups interested in visiting rehearsals or seeing performances, e.g. by our resident choreographers.

If you are interested in any of our programs, please feel free to contact us. Our contact person for Young K3 is Kirsten Bremehr (040 270 949 50)


K3 is a TUSCH partner (Theatre and School), currently partnered with the Grundschule Dempwolffstraße. Further cooperations exist e.g. with the project Step by StepTanzprojekte mit Hamburger Schulen and the program Kulturagenten für kreative Schulen Hamburg.