For the next edition of Limited Edition in June 2024, K3 | Tanzplan Hamburg is looking for young Hamburg based choreographers who would like to develop their first work in the independent scene at K3. The Deadline is on 03 September.

Limited Edition is a residency format that was developed to promote the dance scene based in Hamburg. Hamburg choreographers who have already developed their first smaller works can gain experience in the development of a larger production at the theatre within the framework of the Limited Edition format. The K3 Studios will be used for rehearsals from April to June. At the end of June, the plays are presented on two evenings in a row. Normally, two or three plays are presented conscutively. The plays should therefore not exceed a length of 45 minutes.

How do I apply for Limited Edition?
Send a document with the following information to by 03 September 2023.

  1. Idea for a concept of a choreography in German or English (one page) These questions are for inspiration - you can answer one or more of them, but it is not compulsory. What is your theme? How would you like to approach the subject artistically? Why is this project important to you? What could happen on stage? How would you like to work?
  2. Dancer's/ choreographer's curriculum vitae/ CV with video links to previous works

In August we offer telephone consultations about Limited Edition via +49(0)40270949321. This will take place on Wednesdays between 14:00 and 15:00. If this time does not suit you, please contact us at

What is the procedure?
Interested choreographers can contact K3 with an initial idea by the end of August. In September, K3 holds conversations with some of the applicants. Together with the selected choreographers, an application for funding for young artists will then be submitted to the Ministry of Culture and Media. The application is submitted by the choreographers themselves; the deadline for this is 15 November 2023. The results of the project funding are announced by the Ministry of Culture in January. The residency can only be realised if the application is successful.

If necessary, K3 will support you in the preparation of a cost-financing plan, write a venue certificate and advise you on the content of your application. K3 is available for dramaturgical guidance and support during the production. The production is also supported by Kampnagel's infrastructure (technology, stage, lighting, sound).


What is the budget?
The funding for newcomers from the Department of Culture is limited to 7,500 euros. Additional funds can be applied for from the Hamburgische Kulturstiftung, among others. The productions should therefore be limited in scope and the team kept small. Fees for dancers, set and costume design etc. must be paid out of the budget.

Who is Limited Edition aimed at?
Limited Edition is aimed at freelance choreographers who live and/or work in Hamburg and are at the beginning of their career. They should also have already presented their first small works. K3 is open to different choreographic approaches and dance styles. Training as a choreographer is not a prerequisite. K3 welcomes applications from people with different abilities and bodies, BIPoC, people from marginalised communities and people with migration and refugee experiences, regardless of religion, race or gender.

Those who have already received funding from the Department of Culture and Media in the past are not eligible to apply for Limited Edition.

Feel free to contact us at or +49 (0)40 270 949 45 if you have any questions.


Internship in the fields Organisation | Communication

Praktikum (Vollzeit) in den Bereichen Organisation | Kommunikation.

Bewerbungen sollten einen Lebenslauf, ein kurzes Motivationsschreiben sowie der Nachweis eines Studiums oder der beruflichen Umorientierung beinhalten.

Bitte ausschließlich per E-Mail und in einem einzigen PDF-Dokument an: senden.

Weitere Informationen zu K3 | Tanzplan Hamburg:


Probebühne Eins is a workshop format created to show contemporary dance and performance pieces in an early stage of development. In regular intervals, we offer the opportunity to present works-in-progress and share different approaches on stage.

Each presentation should not be longer than 10 minutes.

The technical setting for the showing is: black floor, basic lighting, sound via laptop/phone, two wireless microphones, video projection viaLaptop on a 4x3m static screen on the back wall of the stage. The setting cannot be changed or extended.

Next Probebühne Eins takes place in November 2023.

The call for the upcoming Probebühne Eins will be announced on the K3-website as well as in the K3 newsletter.