Call for Application: Exchange Programme with CCOV


K3 | Tanzplan Hamburg and Centre de Création O Vertigo – CCOV in Montréal are offering an international residency exchange from June to October 2024.
In a series of online and face-to-face meetings, a choreographer from Quebec and a choreographer working in Hamburg will accompany each other in their work processes on a research project and engage in a peer-to-peer exchange. This includes a one-month residency in Montréal for the Hamburg-based artist in September.

From June through September, two choreographers (one from Quebec and one from Hamburg) will shadow each other by engaging in feedback & dialogue as each pursues an individual creative project. A series of online encounters scheduled early in the process will serve to determine common areas of interest and lay a foundation of trust for the program’s duration. The Quebec choreographer will spend four weeks in Hamburg (August 2024), and the German choreographer will spend four weeks in Montreal (September 2024). The host organizations will support the choreographers by helping coordinate a variety of activities that respond to their individual interests. This could take the form of workshops, sharing sessions and networking activities.


K3 is looking for a choreographer to take part in this exchange. Applicants must be available for the following:

  • A series of online meetings in June and July
  • To travel & work in Canada during the month of September
  • Approximately four meetings (online or in-person) in August
  • An online review meeting in October

Eligible participants will be residents of Hamburg or work in Hamburg as choreographers. The CCOV and K3 are interested in offering this residency to independent, professional choreographers. The successful candidate will present an individual research project while explaining their interest & motivation to engage in the exchange of ideas with a peer from Canada.


Details of the exchange:

  1. June and July 2024: A series of about four online meetings to introduce all participants, identify common interests, and determine schedules.
  2. August 2024 (4 weeks): Quebec choreographer travels to Hamburg. Studio and housing will be provided by K3.
  3. September 2024 (4 weeks): Hamburg-based choreographer travels to Montreal. Studio and housing will be provided by CCOV.
  4. October 2024: review meeting (online) with all participants to evaluate results.

Note – Peer-to-peer exchange is a key element of this program. While in-person and online meetings will be encouraged whenever possible, we are interested to explore different forms of communication that lead to practice-sharing and constructive feedback. These ideas will be developed in concert with the interests and availability of all participants.


Financial details:

K3 will provide round trip travel from Hamburg to Montreal and will provide the choreographer with a scholarship of 2250,- Euro for their participation.


Application details:

As K3 and CCOV will co-select the artists, applications should be in English and include the following:

  • A letter of motivation that includes a description of your residency objectives, the focus of your research and why you are interested in engaging with a peer from Quebec (max. 1 page),
  • An up-to-date CV,
  • Up to 5 video links with passwords (if necessary) and instructions for viewing.


Applications from people who experience discrimination, who identify themselves as Black German, Person of Colour, Sinti*zze and Rom*nja, Jewish, Muslim and/or refugees, as well as people with a family history of migration or flight, are explicitly welcomed to apply. We promote professional equality for people of all genders and the compatibility of family and work. Severely disabled persons and persons of equal status are given preferential consideration in cases of equal aptitude and ability.


Deadline for applications: 26 March 2024

The selection will be made by the artistic coordinators, CCOV and K3, prior to April 2024.

Please send your questions and application to:

Please note that the exchange is subjected to positive third-party funding that is expected in spring.




Probebühne Eins is a workshop format created to show contemporary dance and performance pieces in an early stage of development. In regular intervals, we offer the opportunity to present works-in-progress and share different approaches on stage.

Each presentation should not be longer than 10 minutes.

The technical setting for the showing is: black floor, basic lighting, sound via laptop/phone, two wireless microphones, video projection viaLaptop on a 4x3m static screen on the back wall of the stage. The setting cannot be changed or extended.

Next Probebühne Eins takes place in February 2024.

The call for the upcoming Probebühne Eins will be announced on the K3-website as well as in the K3 newsletter.




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