Training Intensive

Gitta Barthel



Due to the lockdown we are not able to offer in person classes for professional dancers. In order to support dancers we offer our professional training via Zoom and free of charge during this period!

To Participate registration with your CV at is required. Via this address you will receive confirmation and access to the Zoom approximately 15 minutes before the start of the training. 

Registration is possible until 10 am on the respective training day, if spots are still available.


This practical course combines the basic principles of Aikishintaiso, a Japanese art of movement aimed at harmonizing energies, with principles of contemporary dance. Breathing, meditation and vibration exercises open body and mind for exchange with others, leading into the structuring of movement into dance. Participants collect experience in balancing physical and mental posture, inner and outer movement, stability and mobility, tension and relaxation. The practical experiences are supplemented by theoretical input.

25% Body-Awareness
25% Fixed Movements
50% Improvisation/Research


10:30 - 12:00 online
10:30 - 12:00 online
10:30 - 12:00 online

Information about the event

Priceparticipation free of charge

via Zoom
Registration with a short CV at:

Gitta Barthel

works across the fields of art, art outreach and academic research and teaches contemporary dance and choreography at various universities and training centres. As the result of her long relationship as a research associate with the Institute for Movement Research/Performance Studies at the University of Hamburg, she is currently writing her doctorate on Choreografische Praxis. Vermittlung in Tanzkunst und Kultureller Bildung (Choreographic Practice. Communication in Dance and Cultural Education.)