Moving Heads

Ralf Peters


The relatively new art form of Extended Voice works innately with extremes. In the tradition of Alfred Wolfsohn and Roy Hart, who pioneered the idea of the extended voice, particular attention is given to presenting, understanding and developing extreme voice timbre in meaningful artistic and biographical contexts. Voice and performance artist Ralf Peters will introduce the approach and share his thoughts about whether working with extremes can still find a place for itself within art, in a world in which transgressing boundaries has become a mainstream.



Information about the event

Pricefree entrance
LocationKampnagel - K33

Ralf Peters

is active as an artist in the fields of Extended Voice, Performance Art and Conceptual Art. He is co-founder of the voice and performance ensemble KörperSchafftKlang. As a certified Roy Hart voice teacher, he accompanies voice liberation processes for people with a wide range of different backgrounds in voice experience. 

In cooperation with the Theatre Academy Hamburg/University of Music and Theatre.