Teacher workshop

Gabi dan Droste


It is a long journey from an idea for a piece to its performance, during which the material attains its final form. Based on a visit to a performance by the K3 Youth Club, the workshop focuses on an exemplary examination of what was seen. What movement material do we recognize as spectators? In what ways did the teens develop it? Observations and impressions from the attended performance form the starting point to delve more deeply into select sequences and parameters and to develop transfer possibilities for debriefing in class.

for teachers and (dance-)pedagogues
Includes obligatory attendance of one performance by the K3 Youth Club.

Info and registration until 05.04. to:tanzplan2@kampnagel.de



11:00 - 17:00

Information about the event

Price35€ | 30€ | ticket for the show inclusive
HintsShow: 12.04., 19:30 or 13.04., 13:00

Gabi dan Droste

works as a project developer, dramaturge and trainer/co-director in dance and theatre for young audiences as well as in cultural education and outreach/community projects. Her focus lies on the coordination of collective development processes at the crossroads between visual and physical theatre as well as participatory strategies and performative styles of acting.