Sina Saberi

is an Iranian performer, choreographer and cultural manager. He studied Literature in Tehran and then began working in the Performing Arts. He is the Artistic Director of Kahkeshan Dance, an initiative that promotes the Iranian dance scene. His previous works have been shown at Fajr International Festival in Tehran, Rencontres Chorégraphiques in Paris, Hellerau in Dresden and BIPOD in Beirut, among others. He has also been in residence at or was supported by Maqamat Dance in Beirut, DanceWeb in Vienna, Dancing on The Edge in Amsterdam, Tanzfabrik Berlin and BIT Teatergarasjen in Bergen.
At K3, Sina will engage in an exploration of traditional as well as contemporary forms of movement within the context of performing arts in Iran. Various unfulfilled states of being and the desire to fulfil them through embodiment serve as a starting point to develop a personal choreographic narrative that considers dance as an alternate state of being.

(Status: 2023)

Origin: Tehran/Hamburg