Moving Heads

Alma Söderberg


In her choreographies Alma Söderberg employs various acoustic elements such as music, language and song in relation to dance and movement. At the second edition of the Composition in Context series, she will speak about the basic principles and methods of her work, illustrate them with the help of practical exemplary excerpts from various pieces (Cosas, Travail, Idioter, Nadita), and convey some of the ideas that have informed these works, but are not always immediately visible.


I will look back at these works trying to articulate how the rhythm of the creation has affected the creation of rhythm, how the process has influenced the musicality and how different lines of thinking has lead to different kinds of listening. - Alma Söderberg


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Alma Söderberg

is a choreographer and performer. She studied contemporary dance, choreography and flamenco at the School for New Dance Development (SNDO) in Amsterdam. Her pieces are developed out of a fundamental voice and movement practice. She has received multiple recognitions for her choreographies snd is moreover a member of the performance band John the Houseband.