Moving Heads


Students of the MA Contemporary Dance Education (Frankfurt/Main) programme and the HZT Berlin, as well as Hamburg dance makers invite you to join them in questioning fundamental aspects of professional contemporary dance training: how can we define “technique” in dance? How does the body react to training as a physical practice and how is a specific form of training reflected in artistic work? Which technical reference systems are currently pertinent? What role do institutional contexts play in relation to training?

Training Total is a one-week work format, which – after its first edition in December 2014 – seeks to provide an open space from 27 November until 1 December for joint work and reflection on the subject of professional training in contemporary dance. On 30 November, the event will open its doors to invite everyone interested in training and dance to join in discussion on the subject of professional training. Guests can subsequently visit the workshop format Probebühne Eins.


Training Total is a project of the MA CoDE / Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst, Frankfurt am Main, the Hochschulübergreifenden Zentrums Tanz Berlin and K3.



Information about the event