Corona Guidelines

Dear audience, 

we are happy that we can get back together!

To be able to have in person events again we have to practice new procedures. By sticking to the following rules, we want to ensure that we can remain in permanent personal exchange.

Please read the guidelines before your next visit at K3.

All important info to watch a show at Kampnagel:

1. Before the event

  • Get your ticket in our webshop or call the box office. This way, we record your contact details and the period of time during which you attend the performance.
  • The tickets are personalized and will be checked before the event; you are not allowed to forward them to others.
  • Submission of a certified and personalised negative corona test (PCR or official rapid Antigen-test/"Bürgertest" issued by a test-center, NO self-tests!), proof of complete vaccination or proof of your recovery is required.
    A PCR test must be no older than 48 hours and a official rapid test no older than 24 hours. Children under the age of six are exempt.
  • Kampnagel is obligated to document the proof, so please have the following things ready at the entrance: Ticket and certified and personalised negative test result OR proof of vaccination or recovery
  • Kampnagel does NOT do rapid tests on site! Please take care of your test in advance!

Please arrive with enough time before the performance, at the latest 15 minutes before the start. It takes some time to check the test certificates (or proof of vaccination or recovery) and tickets at the entrance to the foyer. There is NO late admission to the Limited Edition Performances.

You may only take the seat with the row and seat number indicated on your ticket.

If you feel sick stay at home!
People with signs of or existing colds of any severity or fever are generally not allowed to participate in any events. The same applies to people who have had contact with Covid-19 cases in the last 14 days or who have returned to Hamburg from risk areas.

2. Distance Rules

You have to maintain a distance of at least 1.5 m from other people. 

During the performance, the seating arrangement ("checkerboard") provides the distance. This means: Please take the seat indicated on your ticket. Infection groups or spectators coming together must also leave the space between them free and may not move up!

3. Wear a Medical Mask (Surgical Mask or FFP2)

An FFP2 or medical mask must be worn when entering the building and during events in all enclosed spaces.

4. Hygiene Measures

  • Please follow the sneezing and coughing etiquette.
  • Please wash hands thoroughly with soap on a regular basis or alternatively disinfect.