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Fernanda Ortiz


The Round Table Dance with School has resumed meeting on a regular basis as a part of the new project explore dance – Dance for Young Audiences Networkproviding interested teachers, as well as (dance-) pedagogues with the chance for exchange and discussions about dance for young audiences. In addition to every meeting revolving around a specific, alternating topic, the Round Table also offers exclusive visits to rehearsals and conversations with artists. The Round Table aims to develop ideas together on how to sustainably embed dance in schools.

This month’s guest is the K3 Youth Club, which is currently in the final rehearsal phase for their upcoming premiere of ABOUT Z. The teens will provide some insights into the rehearsal processes and opportunities to discuss aspects of their own Generation Z. The project has encouraged teens to actively explore and develop a portrait of their own generation together with choreographer Fernanda Ortiz: what moves them, what are their fears, their hopes, their dreams.
The K3 Youth Club was founded in 2007 by Friederike Lampert and continued under the direction of dancer and choreographer Fernanda Ortiz in 2019. Every season, the club creates one piece that is performed under professional conditions.

For teachers and (dance-)pedagogues
A certificate of attendance (training confirmation) is issued at the end of the event.

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Pricefree entrance
LocationKampnagel - K32

Fernanda Ortiz

is a choreographer and dancer. Her artistic practice is located along the crossroads of visual and performing arts. Her main focus lies on human perception, movement and dance, as well as potential forms of presentation and visualization. After THINK (2016) and UNFORGETTABLE (2018), DANCE FOREVER is the last part of her trilogy about the traces of movement and premieres at the Lichthof Theater on March 14th 2019.