Dance for Young Audience

Regina Rossi


I spy with my little eye, and it is… LUSCO FUSCO!

In LUSCO FUSCO, dreams romp about the stage, surfacing and disappearing again, bringing along their own worlds: two dancers play with forms, colours and characters from children’s dreams, dance head over heels, speak unknown languages, tell funny stories and vanish again into darkness. In the blink of an eye, everything changes, fast as the wind, dancing images whooshing by like falling stars. Quick! Hold them tight! Jump to your feet, trust your eyes and your instincts.

#dreamworld #Phantasy #morphing

shows at: Grundschule Schmalenbeck

The Pop Ups are mobile pieces for the classroom: compact, flexible, ideally suited to show almost anywhere off stage. During the festival, they will be popping up all over the city. Interested teachers are invited to watch the performances in the schools. Please contact us at:


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This is a closed event (school performance).
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Regina Rossi

is a longstanding member of Hamburg’s independent scene. She is currently writing her doctorate at the Institute for AppliedTheatre Studies at the Justus-Liebig-University Gießen. Her artistic work focuses on dance and performance for children and teens. In 2018, she produced the dance piece Lusco Fusco for kids age 5 and up in cooperation with K3. Her works focus on the poetic-theatrical potential of movements and dreams, the connection between dance and language and the aesthetic possibilities of installation and choreography.

A production by Regina Rossi and K3 | Tanzplan Hamburg.

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