Teacher workshop

Lucia Glass


Both in everyday teaching situations as well as in special artistic group projects, we need methods and means to activate mindful cooperation between all participants. What kinds of exercises can support us in doing so? What does mindfulness imply and how can we teach it in a recognizable way? No matter the cultural background or physical state, mindfulness can be playfully explored via movement. Mindfulness is an approach, which helps us bring order to the world and arrive in ourselves.


For teachers and (dance) pedagogues


Binding registration until 16.09. at: tanzplan2@kampnagel.de


10:00 - 16:00

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Price30€ | 25€

Lucia Glass

is a dancer and choreographer. She develops choreographies for the stage, works in the field of dance education and directs artistic projects with children and teenagers. Currently, she is completing an Advance Training Course to become a Learning and Development Companion (LDC).