Themba Mbuli | Thulani Chauke


Themba Mbuli and Thulani Chauke are dancers in Jessica Nupen’s new production Don’t Trust the Border, which premieres in January at Kampnagel. This master class combines three dance techniques – traditional South African dances, afro-fusion and contemporary dance – in a contemporaneous combination of styles.

for dancers and dance students

To attend, please send a short CV before January 8 to:


10:00 - 12:00

Information about the event

Price15€ | 10€ | 5€ (DfdK)

Themba Mbuli

, dancer and choreographer, tours worldwide. In 2016, he received the Standard Bank Award, am important recognition of his longstanding artistic work.

Thulani Chauke

As a dancer, Thulani Chauke has worked e.g. with William Kentridge. His first solo, which toured internationally, was choreographed during a residency in 2013 at the CND Paris and at KLAP in Marseille.