mixed-abled project

This 2016/17 season, the inclusive project by barner 16 / Meine Damen und Herren and K3 under the artistic direction of Gitta Barthel moves into the next phase. This project is offered for anyone interested in an exchange between people with and without prior dance experience, as well as with or without disabilities. The focus lies on the interaction between dance and music: participants will experiment with music of various different origins and styles, dance to new songs by the band Station 17 and explore the ways in which movement and sound complement and contrast with one another.
Open for all | no prior experience needed | participation free of charge | continuous participation necessary
Information and registration until 06.09. at:
09.09. - 20.07. | fridays| 11:30-13:00 | Medienbunker Feldstraße 66 | 2nd floor

Limited Edition


The gap is like a thread missing in the fabric. A person suddenly disappears without explanation. The noticeably absent body requires a stance, a movement towards or away and it produces a swirling tangle of gravitation and emotion. Based on the case of the 43 missing students in Ayotzinapa (Mexico) in 2014, gaps and absence are woven into choreography. An ongoing project by P_A_R_A_R/Immersive Performance Art.


Andrea Krohn is a dancer and choreographer. She studied Performance Studies in Hamburg. Her pieces deal with the subjects of power, perception and identity. Together with Karina Suarez Bosche, she co-founded the P_A_R_A_R/Immersive Performance Art collective, with whom she develops performances and workshops.


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16.06. - 17.06. | 19:00 | P1 | 8€ | 6€

Limited Edition

From point shoes to learning machines: the collaboration between dancer and choreographer Mab Cardoso and musician and programmer Anton Koch examines the relationship between music and dance, as well as between composition and choreography. Their respective fields of work merge in an intuitive creative process, which is more than just binary superimposition. Against the backdrop of Claire Lispector’s novel A Breath of Life, which breaks down the boundaries between the author and her creation, the two artists develop a triangular relationship between choreography, sound and space. Under the influence of technological tools, movement and sound are combined into a shared spatial sphere.


Mab Cardoso is a Brazilian artist, who lives and works in Hamburg and Berlin. Her pieces focus on the interfaces of performance, choreography, music, dance and technology. She studied contemporary dance at the University of Bahia in Brazil and Performance Studies at the University of Hamburg.


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16.06. - 17.06. | 20:00 | K4 | 8€ | 6€
Marc Carrera

Limited Edition
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It is not the same. It is not the same, yet it happens again. It happens again, but differently than it will happen later. O a O is a disturbance, a gap in the series of sameness, beginning and end of difference. Once more. 1, 2, 3. The water splashes, we swim, a wave, we are somewhere else.
O a O examines the hidden potential of repetition and offers a gap in the sequence.


Marc Carrera studied philosophy in Barcelona and Performance Studies in Hamburg. He lives and works in Berlin since 2008 as well as in Hamburg since 2014. His artistic work is comprised on physical theatre, contemporary dance, and butoh, as well as active discourse and critique.


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16.06. - 17.06. | 21:00 | P1 | 8€ | 6€


How to depict dreams? How do dreams move us? How do we remember our dreams? And how do we give form to our dreams? Together with Hamburg choreographers Regina Rossi und Angela Kecinski, elementary school students of the Stadtteilschule Winterhude/ Winterhuder Reformschule have developed a poetic and moving collection of dream fragments. The children tell stories about the fantastical world experienced in their sleep by using their bodies, objects and movement. They transform their dream images and stories into choreography.

Over the course of 4 weeks, the elementary school students created a unique space for their very own fantastic danced dream – a place in which dreams and reality come together.


Regina Rossi is a performer and choreographer, who produces her own work since 2011. Her most recent piece is the dance performance Gloom (Kampnagel, 2016). Her works focus on the poetic-theatrical potential of movements and dreams, the connection between dance and language and the aesthetic possibilities of installation and choreography.

Angela Kecinski is a dancer and choreographer. She studied dance at the ArtEZ Arnhem and Performance Studies at the University of Hamburg. Her own choreographic works Verfremdungszwecke and Temptress were presented in Skopje, as part of Limited Edition at K3, as well as at Hauptsache Frei #2.

24.06. | 15:00 | free entrance