Probebühne Eins


The stage becomes a studio, the chairs are chucked out and just for good measure: there is wine and water for all. The workshop format Probebühne Eins offers a great sneak preview of projects, as well as insights into many wonderful, surprising and strange things.

In a new edition at the end of this year, our current residency choreographers Pavlos Kountouriotis, Loïc Perela and Tian Rotteveel will be showing what they have been up to during their first months at K3 – dealing with the scores of mechanisms and organisms, the connections between body, voice and solidarity and the musical translation of movements and corporeal states. All this not only as insight into on-going work processes – but also as a preview of the new world premiere pieces coming up in March 2018 as part of TanzHochDrei.

As always, Hamburg choreographers will join them to likewise show various excerpts from on-going rehearsal processes.


You can apply with a short description of your proposal (max. 1 page) until November 6 via mail to




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