The Essentialsseries focuses onvarious aspects of practical production work – from writing applications and communication to project management. In doing so, we constantly experiment with new formats. To kick-off the new season, K3 is hosting a networking and advanced training unit on the subject of collaboration for the first time in cooperation with the DfdK Hamburg:
Over the course of two days, we will be taking a look at a wide range of different forms and aspects of collaborative work in keynote speeches, talks and workshops ­– from internal and external communication as a group, writing concepts together up to the legal issues of working in various constellations in the independent performing arts.
In addition, the DfdK will be hosting its yearly general assembly and the new artistic directors of the Hauptsache Frei festival will be presenting their plans for the next festival.
The network day also celebrates the bestowal on the Hauptsache Frei 2017 festival’s prize for newcomers to all the past festival’s participating artists. By request of the jury, the prize money will be used to create a space that allows the independent performing arts community to continue networking outside the festival. Both days are open to all members of the independent performing arts scene in Hamburg.


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09:30 - 18:00
10:30 - 16:00

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