Loïc Perela | Pavlos Kountouriotis | Tian Rotteveel

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August actually deserves the title “New Kids on the Block”: the 17/18 season residency choreographers are arriving in Hamburg this mid-August for the start of their eight-month work phase and settling into K3. Pavlos Kountouriotis, Loïc Perela and Tian Rotteveel are bringing loads of luggage with them into the space and looking forward to unpacking together. In addition, we also have Esl Kim from Seoul visiting us from mid-August until early September. To kick-off the residency period, we are therefore inviting artists from Hamburg to meet and greet “the newcomers” from Rotterdam, Brussels, Berlin and Seoul and their respective approaches – to exchange views and build new networks.
Pavlos Kountouriotis, whose residency focuses on scores as discursive systems, will teach a workshop on Sisyphean tasks, duration and endurance. Loïc Perela’s research deals with concepts of solidarity, community and affinity in the 21st century and he will be working on establishing a presence in a space and in contact with others, as well as understanding one’s own body as a “sensorial body” duringGet it on. Tian Rotteveel’s residency revolves around the musical translation and amplification of movement and corporeal states. In his workshop, he explores the possibilities of hearing and the use of the voice. Esl Kim plays with levels of consciousness and unconsciousness in body and mind.

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Loïc Perela

studied dance in Marseille and Paris and then danced with the Saarländische Staatstheater as well as the Scapino Ballet Rotterdam. In his pieces, Loïc explores in different ways how the theatre can be a place in which we can all equally exist. He began working as a choreographer in 2012, mainly in Rotterdam, and in 2015 was awarded the Nederlandse Dansdagen prize in Maastricht.

During his K3-residency, Loïc will deal with concepts of solidarity, community and affinity and explore how these can be put into practice in the 21st century. The body and its movements are thereby not only restricted to the physical plane, but also extend to the voice, in order to transform the theatre space into a place of shared involvement.

Pavlos Kountouriotis

studied at the Laban Centre and at Leiden University, did his post-doc research at P.A.R.T.S. and completed his doctorate at the University of Roehampton. He is a passionate proponent of logical thinking and is interested in systems that exhaust themselves. He has worked e.g. with Trisha Brown, Ron Athey, Mårten Spångberg, Ann Liv Young, Boris Charmatz and Mehmet Sanders.

During his K3-residency, Pavlos will deal with scores as discursive systems, whose components are engaged in a constantly shifting dialogue. Based on a differentiation between mechanism and organism, he will explore aspects of mathematics, vitality and interplay.

Tian Rotteveel

studied composition in Utrecht and at the Conservatory of Den Haag as well as dance at the HZT Berlin. He works along and with the borderlines of music and choreography and considers sound and movement to be an inseparable practice. In addition to his own productions, he has worked as a performer e.g. with Bruno Caverna, Jeremy Wade and Martin Nachbar.

During his K3-residency, Tian will attempt to musically translate and amplify movements and states of the body. He will test the choreographic possibilities of rhythm and work with a musical instrument that he developed himself, which transforms breathe and movements of the body via sensors into sound, thus turning it into an acoustic nervous system.